Bud Light / Real Men Of Genius / 2007

Im sure you have heard one of the Real Men of Genius commercials on the radio, how could you forget. Beer propaganda that slowly brainwashes you into thinking Bud Light is actually a good beer. Well that was the challenge, taking the most annoying Voice Over in history and making it watchable. Mr. Overly Competitive Touch Football Game Player is in all of us. And what a better place to let the beast out than on the battle field of a good ol' two hand touch game with your pals. Loafer the Gopher makes another cameo appearance in quest of his first beer. Hef the Ref is the official and Jace the basket case ( who drank a case ) is our Hero. Cheers to Linz, Pierre, Hedi, Keith, Florian and Jace for being so overly competitive.